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Prism 2 Instr Alain

My first dive Mauritius 1993 This was the moment that changed my life completely

So this is how it all started for me, I was enjoying an amazing travel holiday in 1995. My first stop was Mauritius, where I did  a resort dive just like many of you have around the world. This was the moment that changed my life completely. Back in Holland I started right away with the PADI Open Water Course and studied until i was a PADI Dive Master, then took a break and went working in South Africa   great!!!!!!!!!!!! I went back to Holland and did my IDC and Yes! I was a PADI Dive Instructor.

My first dive Mauritius 1993 This was the moment that changed my life completely
I started traveling and explored the world. Became Dive instructor and? Where is my home?

The perfect combination was born, Dive Instructor and traveling.  My next stops were Seychelles / South Africa/ Mozambique /Maldives and a short time back in Europe. I made many new friends, learned a lot and was able to let people share in my passion DIVING. Along the way I made it up to PADI Master Instructor and had my name on many Scuba certifications.  But I was getting bored on a Dive Center!!!!!!!!!!!! Just jump in a Plane, and I was ready for a new start. Sometimes I had the feeling: Where do I belong??  But Diving was it for me.                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Yes this was the start off my first real dive shop in the Netherlands.

And yes I started a Real Dive Center with some good friends, Scuba Services Ede. Small town but Big ideas. But after 2 years sorry guys Alain has to move on, I didn’t fit in the normal life. So goodbye family and girlfriend and Alain started  traveling again, this time up to the Caribbean. Life was great again. New dive Centers and many new friends.

Scuba Services Ede
And now living a great live on Dushi Curacao.

So this is how I ended up on this Amazing Island Curacao.  At the moment my home, and playing area. Here is where I do Tec diving, and much more.

And i did a cross over to TDI/SDI.   Still learning new stuff.

Diving with the Hollis Prism2
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