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Are you on TEkDiveUSA 2020? from 24-04 until 26-04. Just visit us there.
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Now we Are also SDI/TDI and ERDI Instructor.
When is your moment? to try out silent diving?<br />
The discover Rebreather dive.  is a program to do a try dive on the Hollis Prism 2.
This is a Full Tec rebreather.  so perfect for a intro. Did you do it, diving with no bubbles?
1-hour silent world, only noise when other divers are in your location.
you get a basic explanation how the machine works, and the skills we gone do.
Then hoppa in to the ocean. in confined like area the skills. after that max 10 m (33 feet) under.
Just contact us, if you wane do this.
This is the deepest wreck we have around Curacao.
We are planning for a longer time to dive on the lady.
Finally, we were able to do a long dive to max 134 m (495 ft)
We made a mooring line up to 52 m (171.6 ft)
So now we are ready for it.
Only for divers with lot of experience.  
Deep Deep in the Twillight zone. The Stella Maris wreck.
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