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Dive course

No bubbles diving
no buubles
Tec Diving is the type of diving I like most at the moment.
I am qualified to teach:  Dsat Tec Deep, Dsat Tec Side Mount Diver, Dsat Trimix Diver, Dsat Gas Blender and PADI Side Mount Diver. Now Also an DSAT Tec CCR 40/60 Hollis Prism 2 Instructor
But also TEC 40/TEC 45/TEC 50 in Side Mount and in back Mount configuration.
For me it’s all about Side Mount diving, so I don’t dive Back Mount anymore. But I know this for sure: Once you try Side Mount you’ll never want to use Back Mount again. What about the Combination CCR / Tec Side mount?
We Can Do it all.
Okay now what???? I like this, and wane gets started.
Maybe a Discover Tec/CCR is the answer.
What are the Prerequisites to do the Discover Tec/CCR?
1/ Certified as a PADI OPEN Water Diver or qualifying certification from another training organization, to try Tec Diving  
2/ Certified as a Advanced Open Water diver or qualifying certification from another organization, to try CCR
3/ Minimum age: 18 year old
4/ A minimum of 20 logged dives
For Discover Tec to credit toward the Tec 40 course, the participant must meet the prerequisites for the Tec 40 course.
Check here for the Equipment Requirement for Tec 40/45/50  needed to start the course
Or just download the forms here.  And print them out or attach them to you mail
Go to my Contact page

Hope to see you soon.                                        

But Tec Side mount is the way off diving Deep
this is us
New organisation
This was my beginning stuff
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